Fundamentals of Piping Theory

Program Objective

Learn the Piping Theory basics proficiently to understand the piping system and its related concepts, rules and the methods to be followed as per the codes in the industry.

Course Outline

Fundamentals of Piping Theory course gives clear knowledge about the piping and its industrial applications. Piping systems are like arteries and veins. It is required in distributing the fluids in industries. It is must for a piping engineer, designer & draftsman to know all about the piping, as the piping group has the main responsibility for the design and layout of the facility. Fundamentals of piping theory is about the piping engineering and its concepts and rules which need to be followed while creating the process drawings and piping 3D models. This course builds the skills required for understating the piping engineering to create the drawing for Power plants, Petrochemical setups, oil and Gas industry, and Food and Beverage manufacturing units etc.

Program Highlights

  • Overview of Piping Industry
  • Engineering & Pipe Engineer role to Industry
  • Industry types & Projects Involved
  • Documents Involved
  • Pipe – Manufacturing methods, End types, Joining methods
  • Pipe Materials – Importance & Selection Criteria
  • Fittings – Importance & Selection Criteria
  • Controls Involved – Importance, Types & Selection Criteria
  • 2D Representation – Fittings & Valves
  • Equipment – Importance & Selection Criteria
  • Symbols – P&ID
  • Isometric Symbols & Drawings
  • Engineering Documents – Types & Application
  • Calculations Involved – Line Sizing, Pressure Drop, Wall Thickness
  • Codes & Standards – Importance, Selection & Application Tools used in Plant Design

Who Should Attend

  • Draftsman
  • Process Engineers
  • Piping Designers
  • Piping Engineers
  • Stress Engineers
  • Static Engineers
  • B.E. / B.Tech / Diploma in Mechanical / Chemical / Petroleum  Engineering
  • Professionals looking to upgrade their skills
  • Freshers willing to make career in Piping Engineering drawing and Modelling


  • B.E. / B.Tech / Diploma in Mechanical / Chemical / Petroleum Engineering
  • Knowledge in basic engineering drawing

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