Primavera® P6 Fundamentals

Program Objective

This training provides best practices on how to create and update projects successfully in Primavera P6.

Course Outline

Primavera® P6 Fundamentals training courses are thorough and succinct; structured to maximize learning by adopting an approach of explanation, demonstration, and practice teaching. Students are given hands-on access to Primavera® P6 Professional (Windows) Client or Primavera® P6 EPPM (Web Access). ImageGrafix training classes include workshops and case studies, you will see immediate results — project managers and schedulers will become fluent with the basic skills needed to build project plans, manage timelines, assign resources, and track project performance.

Our most popular course is Primavera® P6 Fundamentals Course, which is a complete fundamental training of P6 Professional (Windows Client), If you would like to enhance your knowledge, our Primavera® P6 Advanced course is designed to give users a more in-depth look at the software more advanced tools, functionality, and an introduction to Primavera® P6 EPPM (Web access). Our Primavera® P6 Administrator Course is the ideal solution for getting up and running with the web-based administrator tools.

Program Highlights

Chapter 1: Overview and Navigation

Chapter 2: Understanding P6 Data Structures

Chapter 3: Calendars


Chapter 4: Creating a Project

Chapter 5: Creating a Work Breakdown Structure

Chapter 6: Adding Activities

Chapter 7: Creating Relationships

Chapter 8: Constraints

Chapter 9: Roles and Resources

Chapter 10: Assigning Roles & Resources

Chapter 11: Expense

Chapter 12: Scheduling

Chapter 13: Analyse Resources & Roles

Chapter 14: Resources Levelling

Chapter 15: Baselining the Project Plan

Chapter 16: Project issues & Thresholds

Chapter 17: Monitoring & Control

Chapter 18: Formatting

Chapter 19: User Preferences and Other Menus

Chapter 20: Reporting and Exporting

Who Should Attend

  • Project Managers
  • Professionals looking to upgrade their skills
  • Freshers willing to make career in Project Management


  • Windows User Interface Knowledge

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