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Pipe Stress Analysis Using CAESAR II – Dynamic

ImageGrafix Academy - Hexagon Authorized Training Centre

Program Objective

Learn the procedure to prepare a model for performing the Dynamic Analysis of various piping system in accordance with the codes being followed.

Course Outline

Pipe Stress Analysis using CAESAR II Dynamic course is for Piping, Structural Stress Engineers who has a base knowledge of various Pipe Analysis and who intend to learn the advanced capabilities of CAESAR II for realistic load analysis. The world’s most widely used pipe flexibility and stress analysis software, CAESAR II® is a complete solution that enables quick and accurate analysis of piping systems subjected to a wide variety of loads, considering weight, pressure, thermal, seismic and other static and dynamic conditions, based on user-defined variables and accepted industry guidelines. This CAESAR II Dynamic training builds the skills required to perform, qualify the system based on the various dynamic loads & review analysis results based on the approved codes & Standards. Engineers on completing this course can stand out among others in Pipe Stress Analysis for Power Plants, Petrochemical setups, Oil and Gas industry, Water industry and Food and Beverage manufacturing units etc.

Program Highlights

  • Preparation of Piping System for Dynamic Evaluation
  • Various Dynamic loads in Plant Industry
  • Inputting the Dynamic loads in the CAESAR II methodology for analysis
  • Reviewing of the Analysis results based on the Codes & Standards

Who Should Attend

  • Stress Analysist
  • Piping Engineers
  • Professionals looking to upgrade their skills


  • Knowledge of CAESAR II Static analysis
  • Basic Plant design / Engineering drawing knowledge
  • Windows User Interface Knowledge

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