Smart® 3D® Administrator

Program Objective

Learn to administrate the Project & Database in Smart® 3D software proficiently.

Course Outline

Smart® 3D® Administrator course helps to handle all the related activities of the Smart® 3D database and the server in a project. It is also their job to ensure that all the components of the Smart 3D software have been enhanced and appropriately integrated as per the requirements of the project. It is the role of a Smart® 3D® Administrator to actively participate in a project’s definition, application, execution, and at last closing all the stages. This course will let the candidates know about how to schedule and prioritize the work for accommodating the user needs with minimum impact and hence continuously increasing the user’s end result satisfaction level. It will also acquaint the candidates with the knowledge of documenting the changes in the processes and further creating and managing the reports during a project’s lifecycle. The expert trainers will impart the in-depth understanding of the concepts of  Smart® 3D® Administrator that will let the participants in properly handling the troubleshooting issues. Along with this, the learners will have command on the following:
  • SMART 3D setup and administration
  • Project creation
  • Project backup and retrieval
  • Develop utilities
  • Customization of BricsCAD & AutoCAD as per project needs

Program Highlights


  • Introduction to Smart 3D (concepts, terminology)
  • System Setup
  • Project Hardware Sizing
  • Project Setup (Database Creation, permissions)


  • Backup and Restore
  • Project Management (delete models, delete catalogs, hierarchy icons, create catalog)
  • Model Organization (Systems hierarchy)
  • Smart 3D Common Applications


  • Optimization for Roles
  • Set Default colours
  • Model Data Reuse & Model Data Transform
  • Synchronize Model with Catalog
  • Database Maintenance
  • Database Integrity


  • Error Logs and Memory monitor
  • Interference Checking Service
  • Point Cloud Reference
  • Reference 3D (R3D) Part I


  • Reference 3D (R3D) Part II
  • Intergraph Batch Services
  • Database conversion wizard (SQL ORACLE)
  • Database version upgrade

Who Should Attend

  • Designer
  • CAD Manager
  • Professionals looking to upgrade their skills


  • B.E. / B.Tech / Diploma in Mechanical / Chemical / Petroleum / Instrumentation Engineering
  • Basic Plant design / Engineering drawing knowledge
  • Windows User Interface Knowledge
  • Knowledge in Smart 3D Modelling

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