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ImageGrafix Academy - Hexagon Authorized Training Centre

Program Objective

With the advent of Industry 4.0, industries are adopting new technologies to be ahead in the race. The introduction of this course at an early stage will enable the student to be aware about the latest industry trends and requirements and help them to be prepared for the industry needs and job profiles.

Course Objective

This course will enable students to work on forming and welding applications being used in the industry in a simulative environment thereby allowing them to test processes being deployed in the industry.

The modules covered in the course include –

  • Understanding Manufacturing
  • Selection of Manufacturing Processes
  • Metal Working Processes I
  • Metal Working Processes II
  • Joining of Metals I
  • Joining of Metals II

Program Highlights

  • Forming
    • Material flow behaviour during upsetting process
    • Ring upsetting test – Friction determination
    • Simulation of hot closed die forging
    • Simulation of bending process
    • Hot Rolling
    • Simulation of multi-stage process
    • Deep Drawing with Consideration of Anisotropic Material Behaviour
    • Simulation of die wear
    • Simulation of Jominy End Quench Test
    • Simulation of a Case Hardening Process
  • Welding
    • Introduction to welding and its types
    • Arc welding simulation and theory of input parameters
    • Laser welding- Simulation and theory
    • Resistance spot welding simulation and theory
    • Brazing operation and simulation
    • Direct Energy Deposition simulation and application

ImageGrafix Academy - Virtual Manufacturing ImageGrafix Academy - Virtual Manufacturing

Software Trained

Using Hexagon D&E Solutions

40 Hours

  • Simufact Forming Hub
  • Simufact Forming Heat Treatment
  • Simufact Forming Sheet Metal
  • Simufact Forming Die Analysis
  • Simufact Forming Parallel Core
  • Simufact Welding Meshing Hub
  • Simufact Welding Resistance Spot Welding
  • Simufact Welding Advanced Material Modeling Solver
  • Simufact Welding Direct Energy Deposition

Who Should Attend

  • B.E. / B.Tech / Diploma in Mechanical / Automotive Engineering
  • Final year B.E. / B.Tech / Diploma students

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