Smart® 3D® Piping Modelling

Program Objective

Learn to use Smart® 3D® Piping Modelling proficiently to create the Piping models, routing, inserting Piping Components.

Course Outline

Smart® 3D® Piping Modelling course is for piping designers those who create piping models and the related reference data. The class enfold an introduction to the graphics environment and followed by routing techniques for piping modelling and the generation of isometric drawings. Intergraph Smart® 3D a next generation, data-centric, rule-driven solution is specifically designed to deliver mission-critical requirements. It breaks through barriers imposed by traditional technologies to enable a truly iterative design environment. This Smart® 3D training builds the skills required for executing detailed plant design projects in Power Plants, Petrochemical setups, Oil and Gas industry, and Food & Beverage manufacturing units etc. Our expert faculties will guide you in creating Pipes, placing In-line components etc. As part of the Smart® 3D piping modelling course the candidates will learn the following:
  • 3D routing system
  • General routing techniques
  • Hangers & supports
  • Change management
  • P&ID integration
  • Isometric drawing generation

Program Highlights

  • Piping: An Overview
  • Routing Pipes
  • Routing Pipe Bends
  • Routing Pipe Offset to Steel
  • Quick Routing
  • Inserting Inline Components in a Pipe Run
  • Placing Instruments
  • Placing Piping Specialty Items
  • Inserting Splits
  • Placing Taps
  • Routing Pipes from P&ID
  • Routing Sloped Pipe
  • Manipulating Inline piping components
  • Generic Inline piping components
  • Creating Spools
  • Sequencing Objects
  • Creating Isometric Drawings
  • Working with WBS Items
  • Routing Piping from a Reference 3D Model
  • Routing Jacketed Piping
  • Routing Bend pipe and Flex Pipe
  • Auto Correlate with P&ID
  • Approving Inconsistencies and Data Mismatches
  • One-to-Many Correlation

Who Should Attend

  • Draftsman
  • Designer
  • B.E. / B.Tech / Diploma in Mechanical / Chemical / Petroleum Engineering
  • Professionals looking to upgrade their skills
  • Freshers willing to make career in Plant Engineering Drawing & Modellijng


  • B.E. / B.Tech / Diploma in Mechanical / Chemical / Petroleum Engineering
  • Basic Plant design / Engineering drawing knowledge
  • Windows User Interface Knowledge

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